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aXesYs  provides best-in-class ENGINEERING DESIGN SERVICES to all major sectors of the electronics industry at the card, subsystem & system levels...

Hardware & Firmware Design;
Mechanical Design;
Printed Circuit Board Design;
Thermal Design;
Product Integrity, Reliability Analysis & Certification;
FPGA & ASIC Design

"We can guarantee the most cost-effective solution available by adopting the best business & product development practices in the industry..."      

Marc Nadeau, President

Areas of Specialization include...

Electro-optical & electro-mechanical,
RF & Microwaves applications,
High-Speed card designs,
Scientific & Medical applications,
Commercial & Military applications,
Full Product Development & Test Support

From initial architectural development to final manufactured product, we can handle it all for you...

Proof-of-concepts & development prototypes,
Full simulation & CAD services available,
We supply all design documentation & reports,
Designed with Manufacturability & Testability in mind

We also provide project management expertise through our proven processes...

Our Secret to Success...

A highly skilled & experienced work force with proven track records across all supported disciplines & applications...

“We understand your customers better that your typical design services company…”

Do you have a job that needs to be done fast & correctly the first time without spending a fortune on CAD tools, or hiring a full-time specialist?

We can help your company reach greater profits faster!!!

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